The Vega Solar gives special attention and care in providing services and technical support. We have a fully equipped department, staffed by engineers, technicians and electricians, with continuing education in Greece and abroad, can meet every need, specificity and to make innovative solutions are simple, unique and effective.

Evaluation of installation space

The professional staff comes to the site, records the data and factors that affect system performance (orientation, dimensional space, local and future shading).

Proposed appropriate equipment

Depending on the availability of the installation space, the optimal system performance and needs of each customer. Our partnerships with internationally famous brands, enabling us to design perfect systems, depending on the availability of the installation space, the best performance system. Offering specialized solutions for our customers.

Study location

study surveying the solar system sizing study for the efficient operation.

System Performance

Study of system performance for 25 years.


Suggested better funding through Greek banks with the most favorable terms and the best solution, covering the full range of needs, with or without collateral and up to 100% financing of project costs.

Contract with DEI

Complete process for carrying out all necessary documents, applications, contracts with DEI.


Installation of the solar system.

Log with DEI

We undertake all the process for the linkage to the DEI network.


Providing competitive insurance package with special conditions for each plant separately. (hail, lightning, surges, theft, vandalism, earthquake, loss of revenue ).

Maintenance Program

Periodic screening and maintenance. We undertake the maintenance and screening of the facility, ensuring maximum performance throughout the course of 25 years.