No one else leads to accelerated depreciation

Peak efficiency of 98% special and favorable price effect: the Sunny Mini Central promise high efficiency and short payback time.

The devices are optimal suitability for use in medium-sized PV systems from 15 kW. They feature sturdy aluminum casing chytopressaristo and can be installed outdoors next to the generators. Cascading power categories for maximum design flexibility.

SUNNY MINI CENTRAL 9000TL / 10000TL / 11000TL με Reactive Power Control

Optimal integration of network supply reactive power

To build secure networks for the future: Devices Sunny Mini Central 9000TL / 10000TL / 11000TL with Reactive Power Control is the perfect solution when needed to provide reactive power at the feed point by пarocho the electricity network. With specific converters there are also plant design, in which predetermined shift factor cos phi, and the proportion of reactive power. In this way, large solar installations, mostly scale Megawatt, can best use the available power distribution network. And both can contribute significantly to the success of renewable energy.

• Topology: Without AC
• High voltage DC: 700 V
• Maximum Apparent Power AC: 9000 W / 10000 W / 11000 W


SUNNY MINI CENTRAL 9000TL / 10000TL / 11000TL

Accurate plant design for maximum aпodosi system

Easy planning of medium and large solar installations from 27 kWp up to scale Megawatt: The Sunny Mini Central inverters to yield classes nine to eleven kW offer almost unlimited possibilities of combinations and easy. The combination of high efficiency and low specific price effect shows a short payback periods. Moreover, the decentralized design of the plant helps reduce maintenance costs. Sunny Mini Central inverters of SMA: Top technology, which attaches to every ray of sun.

• Topology: Without AC
• High voltage DC: 700 V
• Maximum Apparent Power AC: 9000 W / 10000 W / 11000 W


SUNNY MINI CENTRAL 6000 TL / 7000TL / 8000TL

High performance for various combinations

The Sunny Mini Central 6000TL, 7000TL 8000TL inverter and ensure high performance operators use a photovoltaic system. With family Sunny Mini Central Inverter without transformer, the design of large solar installations from 18 kWp to Megawatt-scale simplified even further. The detailed scheduled performance classes suitable for the precise design of large solar installations. Thanks to the flexibility in system design and better price performance, the Sunny Mini Central inverters are the ideal for medium and large PV systems.

• Topology: Without AC
• High voltage DC: 700 V
• Maximum Apparent Power AC: 6000 W / 7000 W / 8000 W



The champion for photovoltaic systems that are implemented with thin-film

Larger input voltage range, lower installation cost: the Sunny Mini Central 7000HV can connect more than one modules in series compared with ordinary inverters. This will reduce the cost of wiring the DC side, and made ​​even easier installation. Due to the galvanic isolation, the Sunny Mini Central 7000HV can be used everywhere, with crystalline solar panels and a thin film. The range of performance allows the creation of large photovoltaic installations consist of small repetitive structures, which supports advanced monitoring facilities. With the new network management functions and reactive power is perfectly equipped to meet international requirements.

• Topology: AC NF
• High voltage DC: 800 V
• Maximum Apparent Power AC: 7000 W


SUNNY MINI CENTRAL 4600A / 5000A / 6000A

Proven technology for flexible applications

The inverters Sunny Mini Central 4600A, 5000A and 6000A are installed where required galvanic isolation. This means they can be used anywhere in the world providing great flexibility in connectivity. Thus, the Sunny Mini Central inverters can be used with crystalline solar panels and a thin film. Moreover, thanks to the classified categories of performance for maximum flexibility in system design. The Sunny Mini Central 5000A and 6000A is ideal for three-phase systems, while the 4600A is designed for use in single-phase PV systems.

• Topology: AC NF
•-High voltage DC: 600 V
• Maximum Apparent Power AC: 5000 W / 5500 W / 6000 W