For small and medium systems

The Sunny Boy solar inverters represent the technological and qualitative superiority of our company. It is suitable for application in small and medium systems. Superior to high performance, user friendliness and reliability.

The Sunny Boy has won multiple times – and constantly evolving. Our new generation has innovative technologies, OptiTrac and H5 topology. Make our appliances more efficient – and thus ensure to achieve optimum energy efficiency.

SUNNY BOY 3000TL / 4000TL / 5000TL

The new generation of Sunny Boy inverters

Flexible communication, user friendly and more efficient than ever, this series inverter Sunny Boy sets new standards in inverter technology. Modern graphics, showing the daily values ​​even after sunset, a simple positioning system and wireless communication facilities with Bluetooth. The new generation of devices fulfill every wish. With the new management system shading OptiTrac Global Peak and maximum efficiency of 97%, these converters ensure optimal energy efficiency. As devices Multi-String inverters, converters and Sunny Boy 4000TL 5000TL offer maximum flexibility in system design – and are the first choice for photovoltaic systems with a particular design.
• Topology: Without AC
• High voltage DC: 550 V
• Maximum Apparent Power AC: 3000 W / 4000 W / 5000 W


SUNNY BOY 3300 / 3800

Perfect for all combinations

It is durable, easy to use and thanks to the galvanic isolation is used in various networks AC. The Sunny Boy 3300 and 3800 allowing the grounding generator can be combined with all types of solar panels. Furthermore, the shell of cast aluminum with an active cooling system guarantees high OptiCool aпodosi and long life even under extreme conditions of use.

• Topology: AC NF
• High voltage DC: 500 V
• Maximum Apparent Power AC: 3600 W / 3800 W / 3680 W


SUNNY BOY 2100TL / 3300TL HC

Small converters for increased performance

Combining a wide range of voltage and current input, the Sunny Boy 3300TL HC inverters can be connected to all crystalline solar modules on the market. The approved and tested Sunny Boy 2100TL can be the first model of the converter without transformer, but its performance remains a top priority. The limited weight and sturdy housing allow easy installation indoors and outdoors. The Sunny Boy 2100TL is the ideal inverter for small PV systems.
Small converters for increased performance
• Topology: Without AC
• High voltage DC: 600 V / 750 V
• Maximum Apparent Power AC: 2100 W / 3300 W

SUNNY BOY 2000HF / 2500HF / 3000HF

Simply efficient

A new generation of converters with galvanic isolation, fully equipped with cutting edge technology SMA, inverters Sunny Boy HF offer the highest performance for converters with a transformer in this category. In connection system DC SUNCLIX, grounding the generator with a special connector (optional) and quickly accessible location configuration Quick Module, the installation is even easier thanks to the lightness of the converter. The wide range input voltage 700 Volt 175 έως ensures a highly flexible system layout. Modern graphics like wireless Bluetooth communication devices make them extremely user friendly.

• Topology: HF Transformer
• High voltage DC: 700 V
• Maximum Apparent Power AC: 2000 W / 2500 W / 3000 W


SUNNY BOY 1200 / 1700 / 2500 / 3000

Guaranteed technology for safe investments

Ability to use around the world: the inverter Sunny Boy 1200, 1700, 2500 and 3000 can be used in different networks AC, due to the galvanic isolation. Moreover, the devices are suitable for simple grounding of the generator. The integrated electronic circuit breaker load DC ESS facilitates installation while reducing the cost of installation. Equipped with the mechanism of detection of a power point MPP OptiTrac, identify the optimum operating point even under varying weather conditions. Thereby reliably converts solar energy with high efficiency.

• Topology: AC NF
• High voltage DC: 400 V / 600 V
• Maximum Apparent Power AC: 1200 W / 1700 W / 2500 W / 3000 W