Fronius IG Plus 120 V-3

3 efficiency peaks.

More earnings for every system size: The automatic transformer switching function of the Fronius IG Plus makes sure of this. This enables not one, but three equal efficiency peaks. The result: Constant efficiency over a wide input voltage range.

In comparison: The efficiency of inverters without transformer switching declines steadily with an increasing input voltage. Devices without a transformer only have one efficiency peak.

The Fronius IG Plus series scores the highest maximum efficiency grade among HF devices.

Fronius MIX™-Concept.

You get the maximum out of partial load ranges, e.g. on cloudy days, through a clever combination of several power modules. The power modules in Fronius devices divide up the work depending on the operating hours.

Module Manager.

Whoever can always remain at the maximum power point (MPP), can get the most out of each ray of light. This is the job of the Module Manager: For fast, exact MPP tracking. This is especially important for thin-layer modules whose efficiency characteristics are more even.

Well thought out ventilation concept.

Disruptive ambient factors such as dust or moisture remain on the outside: The reason: Cooling air is drawn in on the wall side and routed through a closed channel over the heat sink. This prevents contact with the circuit board. At the same time, the components are kept cool – the device operates with a stable consistency.