Polycrystalline photovoltaic efficiency record for Schott Solar

On September 2, 2011 by SCHOTT Solar AG, announced the confirmation by the European Solar Test Facility, a record 18.2% efficiency solar technology, polycrystalline silicon. Also announced the signing of a voluntary agreement with the PV CYCLE for the collection and processing of P / B units at the end of life. “It is the result of a comprehensive research service on the part of the group SCHOTT», says head of development of SCHOTT, Claus Wangemann.

The company, which had the same record and in 2010, says it has intensified its research efforts at the wafer level, cells and panels, including work on the electrical properties of the wafer and the redesign of cells and panels.

What are photovoltaics?

Solar energy is a renewable energy source available to man the first time found on earth.

In previous years the technology and production cost prevented the widespread use of solar energy for conversion to other forms of energy. Over the last decade with the advancement of technology we have managed to become affordable way this generation through photovoltaics.

To be able to understand the amount of energy the sun gives us enough to say that solar power within a year drops to 1 sq.m land corresponds to the energy producing a barrel of oil. Photovoltaic now enable us to exploit this inexhaustible energy source.


The main advantage for someone who produces and sells electricity with solar is that it is energy producer and has revenue from sales made. This fact is completely independent of the price at which purchases electricity for its needs and its power consumption to do. All of us will remain consumers of electricity regardless of whether or not we are also producers. The sale of electricity to PPC is a contract lasting 25 years and a guaranteed price for energy generated. This ensures us from any risk would such an investment and a photovoltaic installation at home is an investment and therefore you should face.
Beyond the obvious economic benefits there are a number of advantages that reinforce the view that putting solar in our home is the right choice.

• Does not produce any form of pollution in the atmosphere.
• The operation is completely silent.
• They have great reliability and longevity that surpasses and 30 years.
• They require minimal maintenance for their operation.
• Reduce the temperature of the roof of the residence on the roof or roof mounted. The temperature of a roof being installed solar panels can be up to 13 degrees Celsius less than the case where the sun beats through the roof.