Hoppecke OPzV Bloc solar power

Hoppecke OPzV Bloc solar power

The OPzV bloc solar.power batteries are sealed stationary batteries with fixed electrolyte in gel.

The construction as sealed batteries makes HOPPECKE OPzV bloc solar.power batteries maintenance free relating to re-filling of water.
Using tubular plates in combination with gauntlets at their positive tubular plates, HOPPECKE OPzV bloc solar.power batteries offer an extreme high cycling expectancy.

So they are optimal for application in sectors with high charge and discharge operation load like solar and off-grid applications.
The electrolyte of HOPPECKE OPzV bloc solar.power batteries is fixed in gel what causes even the option of a horizontal assembly (optional).

The shock resistant and strengthened Polypropylene housing offers an easy to clean surface and is resistant against all established cleaners. The flat lid with its integrated handle guaranties a very good handling and an easy assembly
HOPPECKE batteries of the OPzV bloc solar.power type series have a cycling expectancy from up to 1300 discharges with 80% discharge level.

Your benefits with HOPPECKE OPzV bloc solar.power

  • Maximum cycle stability and durability
  • in particular during PSoC operations
  • Minimum maintenance costs with maximum safety
  • maintenance-free2 due to sealed Gel-technology
  • Highest reliability
  • for remote off-grid applications
  • High resistance against mechanical stress
  • reinforced impact-proof polypropylene housing
  • Highest project flexibility
  • provided by excellent stocking capability
  • Optimal environmental compatibility
  • closed loop for recovery of materials in an accredited recycling system

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